About Cheating the Blues

Start jamming and soloing in the Jam-Room

Chrome Browser recommended

1 - Go to Jam-Room

2 - Select from Playlist

3 - Set the Slide Rule to the Key you want and Highlight the Scale notes you want to practice

4 - Grab your Guitar hit Play on the video and start soloing

Note: - If you need help using this go to Cheating the Blues HERE and learn

A lot of these Modules are being added to all the time

You will need the Internet

The Jam-Room is for practising all you have learned in the Module Cheating the Blues found HERE www.cheatingtheblues.com

Use this for practising your chords, scales and developing your solo playing in all keys

The Jam-Room is part of a series of modules for guitarists and musicians of other instruments


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Note: All modules are FREE

The Jam-Room works for all of the instruments shown below

There are Slide Rules for:

1 - Standard Tuning Guitar - Major Scales Blues and Pentatonic (Using the Scale and Chord Formulas Charts you can find any Scale Mode or Chord in Any Key)

2 - D-A-D-G-A-D Tuning Guitar

3 - Tuning G-D-A-E  For Mandolin - Irish 4 string Tenor Banjo - Violin (Note by having frets on the Slide Rule it makes for very easy visualization of Scales and Modes on non fretted instruments)

4 - Tuning C-G-D-A  For Mandola - Viola - Cello - 4 string Tenor Banjo (Jazz)

5 - Ukulele G/g-C-E-A.   Plus there are many more modules

NOTE: The Jam-Room is linked with the music slide rule module so you can select the slide rule for the instrument you want to practise with.  Once you have selected the instrument you want, align the slide rule underneath the video so you can see the video and slide rule together

If you need help with understanding the Slide Rules use the navigation buttons to view all the Help and Videos